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SalmonPDM Windows 7/8 PDM

Q - Are there any charges to download and use the Windows PDM application ?
A -You need to have a current subscription to  download and use Windows SalmonPDM.

Q - What does the parameter 'Path Location'refer to ?
A - Model 'Path location' this is the drive letter and path to the location where you want the directory structure created e.g. "c:\" (root of cloud drive or local storage device). If you choose not to place the model in the root of the storage device or cloud drive, this parameter could also refere to the sub-directory where you have loctaed your model e.g. "C:\mystuff"

Q - Can I backup all my data ?
A - On the Win PDM application Press 'Backup Data' and all your data will be copied to your chosen backup drive location (ideally perform this step manually at regular intervals). Note your cloud services such as our Dropbox, Google Drive...etc will automatically backup your data.

Q - Can I delete my directory model
A - On the windows application the Model can be deleted using the 'Remove Directory tree' button (windows application).
Note. This button is only enabled by selecting 'Enable Administrative Features' under the main 'File Menu'.

Q - Can I put my passwords in my PDM model ?
A - Yes. We partner with pwSafe and your personal password file locations is '/FamilyName/Name/My Passwords'.
There is a Windows app (Free), which will allow your constant access to your passwords.