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Smartphone/Tablet - IOS SalmonPDM for iPhone IOS Ver 7.1 or greater

Q - Is there any costs associated with SalmonPDM for iPhone ?
A - Appstore €1.79

Q - Is there any useful Smartphone/Tablet applications that can help me with scanning my data ?
A - if you have a Smartphone you can load Genius Scan Professional(€1.50) to scan documents with the phones camera and save them directly to your cloud directory structure.

Q - Can I put my passwords in my PDM model ?
A - Yes. We partner with pwSafe and your personal password file locations is '/FamilyName/Name/My Passwords'.
There is a Smartphone/PC app (Free and for Smart phones €1.50 for cloud based password files), which will allow your constant access to your passwords.

Q - Can I edit my files from my Smartphone/tablet ?
A - We  suggest 'CloudOn' or ‘QuickOffice’ (Dropbox support on iPad only!) free multiplatform app to open/view/edit all your MS Office documents.