PDM - What is Personal Document Management... and why ?


Today we have more and more files, objects, records, facts and issues to organize for ourselves our children and our dependants, such as;

subscriptions, bills, passports, birth certificates, photos, school reports, evening classes, tax affairs, houshold banking, car service records, medical records, insurance documents,..and on,..and on..etc.

Digitization of these is gaining pace but is still very unstructured, complicated and insecure.
Cloud Storage services provide instantant access to our information but flat directories are no help in organising this mountain of personal information.

What’s needed is a simple way of storing all relevant personal documents securely and logically so you can easily access your data how, where and when you most need it.

Our Personal Document Managment (PDM) applications (Web & Windows & IOS) are designed to quickly and easily create directory structure models that map to your/your family's data storage needs.


Intuitive smart icons give you fast access to the right area of your directory structure.


"A Place for everything and Everything has it's place"

All your data securely accessible from any device/PC/Smartphone/Tablet anywhere anytime !


PDM Directory Models

The deployed directory models are specific to the users life. They include customised directory names and customised template file names.

"C:\Murphy\Family (Murphy)\Family House (123 High St.)\Neighbours\My Neighbours (123 High St.).txt" (click to see live example)

Template text files and URL (website links) links are placed in exact locations in the directory structure.

SalmonPDM Graphic Example - tablet views

Example: Separate passport directories are created for each family member (the scanned documents will be placed here), with a county specific URL link to the 'Government Documents' passport information website.

A scan/copy task list called 'Scan sequence list' is available to help new user populate their PDM Model.


Community Area

Our aim is to continually enhance these patented models, template files and URL links through our Community Area. It is our intention to eventually localise the PDM models for all countries and languages.



Our unique human role schemas (directory models), topic area's database and execution methodology have been patented; Patent Details