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PDM General Questions ;

Q - Are there any charges to use Web SalmonPDM ?
A - There are currently no charges for the first model. Subsequent models require a subscription. $3/Month or €30/year.

Q - Are there any charges to use the Apple SalmonPDM APP ?
A - There App costs €1.79.

Q - What Model should I choose ?
A - When picking your model, think of the main users of the Computer/Laptop. Is it to be used by a Single Person, a Family, a Couple, a Child,.etc ? This selection will decide the size of the directory model (between 800 and 1000's of files/directorys).

Q - What does 'Level of Assistance' mean ?
A - The directory structure process can automatically include files and url's if required. The deployment process takes a little longer if files and urls are required.
Choose 'Min' If you want customised directorys only in the new directory structure.
Choose 'Med' If you want customised directorys and example files included in the new directory structure.
Choose 'Max' If you want customised directorys and example files and url links included in the new directory structure.

Q - What does the parameter 'Path Location' refer to ?
A - Model 'Path location' is the drive letter and path to the location where you want the directory structure created e.g. "c:/" (root of cloud drive or local storage device). If you choose not to place the model in the root of the storage device or cloud drive, this parameter could also refere to the sub-directory where you have loctaed your model e.g. "c:/mystuff". Defaut value "c;/" is usually fine.

Q - What data should I put in my new PDM Directory Structure ?
A - Copy all of your (and your family's) file data to the required locations. Scan all important paper documentation and save in the corresponding location. You can use a scanner device or use your smart phone with a scanner application.

Q - Can I save and reload my PDM 'Name.xml' model configuration file ?
A - Your Directory Structure configuration file can be stored locally by clicking on the download icon on web PDM, or the File-Save As Dialog in the windows version. The default file name is your '"Name".xml'. This file can reloaded at any time and has the same format for both the Windows PDM and Web PDM Applications. This file is typically used when you create your PDM structure either on the webPDM or WinPDM and want to create the shourtcuts/Dashboard/icons to point to the exact same location from the new device. Note the .xml configuration file contains the information to create the model,.it does NOT copy the content /files that you have put in the directory structure.

Q - If I have 2 models can I combine the data ?
A - Yes, if you have this directory structure in more than one location you can safely combine both data sets by copying the root directory and pasting over the other location's root directory. Both sets of file data will be safely combined. (assuming the model is based on the same 'Name.xml' configuration file.

Q - If I have 2 pets or a 6th house !..what do I do ?
A – Re-run the PDM model with everything the same except the additional child/pet/house/Job/school……it’s all additive.